Agency on Forecasting Balances in Electric Power Industry

Daughter enterprise of "RAO UES of Russia"
As the Agency is one of subdivisions of "RAO UES of Russia", during the restyling it was necessary to develop style resembling of the parent enterprise.
Corporate style conception for "Agency on Forecasting Balances in Electric Power Industry" corresponds with the main purpose of establishing the Agency, which is forming an effective forecasting system in the field of
development of electric power industry, and organizing functioning and development of Russian electric power grid
after reforming of "RAO UES of Russia" is finished. Among the tasks of Agency there are such as development of the electric power forecasting balances for various time periods, and providing state executive authorities and
subjects of electric power industry with information necessary for timely making decisions in the production,
technical, tariff, investment and fuel field.
Generating capacities balance and power balance as a form of analysis of actual situation in electric power
industry; forecast, appropriate picture of the future; capability of indicating best possible ways of it's
realization - these are main ideas, which should be clearly visible in the slogan, logo and total corporate style
of the Agency.
The developed logo includes not only corporate colours, but also a large part of the graphic element of "RAO UES of  Russia" sign - sun drawn in oblique lines, appearing from behind the horizon (in the new logo version). All this
causes clear association with "RAO UES of Russia".
Studio has designed the following elements of corporate style:
  • logo
  • trademark
  • slogan
  • corporate style constants
  • instruction on using logo and corporate style
  • letterheads of different types
  • envelopes
  • business cards
  • document folder
  • bag
  • diary
  • pocket and quarter calendar
  • electronic presentation
Logo, it's construction on the net and ways of using, corporate colours, letterheads, envelope, business cards, calendars, presentation, diary.