Large Russian computer company, "TEEN" computers producer (registered trademark)
During the restyling of "CYBERTRONICA" company a question arose, whether to modify already existing logo, trademark and corporate style, or to develop new ones.
As a result our company developed new trademark, logo, corporate identity constants, corporate style usage instruction (corporate book), business documentation, flags and other numerous visual symbols of the company.
The trademark is a combined one. It represents a stylized image of a computer, created of simple geometrical shapes associating with an opening door. Image of a door is a traditionally positive symbol, deeply rooted in history and culture. Open door as a sign symbolizes invitation and wish to start a new business, learn something new or undertake a new action. Consequently the trademark reflects main direction of the Company's activity and thus opening for the target audience new ways and opportunities in the world of computer technics  and IT.
Studio has designed the following elements of corporate style:
  • logo
  • trademark
  • corporate book
  • corporate style visual symbols
  • letterheads of different types
  • envelopes
  • business cards
  • autorization certificates
  • corporate flags
  • desk flags
  • CD design
  • electronic presentation
Trademark and logo in various versions, logo development, flags, letterheads, certificate, envelope, business card.