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office 97, pavilion 5
Exhibition centre Sokolniki

Russia 107113, Moscow

Driving scheme:

You can drive to our office through the 4-th Luchevoi prosek (it is situated on the opposite side of the main entrance to the park) which has no connections with other driveways in the park. Main driveways are shown on the scheme below.



Walking scheme:

From the tube station Sokolniki you have to walk down the main lane to the park entrance, then straight ahead along the widest lane in the direction of the joy-wheel.


You have to go round the fountain from left or right (doesnt matter from which side).


When theres approximately 100 m left to the joy-wheel you have to turn to the next wide lane, as it is shown on the scheme.


Then you walk along the lane up to the building Nr 19, turn right and walk between a smaller building Nr 17 and the pavilion 4.1. After that you need to walk along the pavilion 5 and enter from the further side of the building.