About us

A few words about us and things important to us

The 1-st of April 2000
What do we do?
 — graphic design and corporate identity development
(actually at the moment you are on the page of this service)
website development and promotion
development of all kinds of presentations
— touch technologies (both soft and hard)
 Our staff:
— Today we have a team of 21 wonderful people
Our values and principles:
Firstly we try to see the aim, and only after that we begin searching for an idea, conception and it’s graphic realization
If you are going to work with us, you will have to trust us. Otherwise there will be no sense in our business relationship
Before you see any design versions, they will pass extremely strict selection within the Studio. We shall never present “raw” works to you
We respect opinion\point of view of the Customer. However there are certain things we are not going to do or produce now as well as in the future (the list will be published soon)
In our work we follow the formula:
quality = properly chosen direction + clear mind and sharp intellect + experience+ time. When all those components work together for one aim the result will be more than satisfactory, and our Customers will confirm that. That is why if you want your logo to be “made” in a week time, then you are at the wrong door. Our Studio will not carry out such an order, because we do not make or sell raw stuff, we do not even know how to do that 
Our advantages:
 for today we may offer a really reasonable price-quality relationship
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Our disadvantages:
— Currently only our Customers, you (while reading this page), and we know about our numerous advantages. That is not really a huge audience, and this is our main disadvantage. But we are working on it.